Finding yourself in a chaotic world

Doing this film was life changing for me. Our process was one of going deep inside ourselves, which was not always very comfortable. To find your true identity, authentic self, to really know and understand who and what we are is one of the most important steps we need to take. It brings up a lot of questions, particularly at this time because our world stage is being shaken on every level, it brings up chaos, confusion and fear of the unknown in a non-sustainable environment.

So how did we take that step? We spent a week with the whales in the Bay of Dreams where you are immersed in their birthing pool.  It was like being in the womb, a place of birthing, new ideas, opening possibilities and a new self. It felt safe and very nurturing and very out of the world that we know. There was an overpowering feeling of being with the other, a consciousness that is totally unfamiliar Another species for who you automatically feel reverence and awe. I was touched in a very personal way, I knew I was not alone in my journey, that we have help and support.

At night we would drop down the microphones into the water, we could hear hundreds of whales singing their song.  So many different sounds, it goes straight through you.Their sonic sound travels along the ley lines, through vast distances and is picked up by other whale tribes around the globe. Their song was holding the balance for our planet and the connection between Gaia and the great cosmos that we our part of.

The Wonderful Feeling of Peace

The grace and the beauty of these beings was so deeply nourishing that it activated me to go inside. Then the magic and synchronicity started to happen. I felt held in a wonderful feeling of peace, and a new path full of surprises began to open.

This led me to Uluru and then to Egypt. These are sacred places of profound knowledge and spiritual resonance, and it was through these visits I tapped into a true sense of my real identity.

Now if anyone asked who I am, at spiritual level, I can say I have been a wisdom keeper. This feels liberating, without ego, just a simple humility that helps me understand my purpose.  Our intent with our film “A Tale from the Whale, is that you too can feel the nourishment, and the activation of a path that gives you strength and hope.

Listen to your heart

Our world today is a mess; we are lacking any feeling of nourishment and don’t know where to find it. In my generation, most of us, knew we were secure, we were safe, and the future was filled with lots of hope. The whole idea was that each generation would be better off than the one before. Today that does not exist, we are no longer nourished and we don’t feel safe.

We no longer know where to find what could nourish us, where we could rest and feel assured. I think this is the underling presence that plays out in us all. So we tend to look for it in all the wrong places. In choosing wrong relationships, money, food, alcohol, shopping etc.  These attempts are not sustainable and often are harmful.

Being with the whales and making this film, and without any of my outer circumstances changing, I have arrived at a place where I feel at peace, my life is very simple, I feel free of the desires that has always been driven me, like loving new clothes, wishing that I had more money, could travel more, buy those luxury food items etc. As we immersed in this film it consumed my life to such an extent, that my social life became less important, my times with friends re-aligned and my life smoothed out.

Experiencing the whales and their power to active a person on their own unique journey, bought such a sense of nourishment that I now just have a wonderful feeling of peace, lightness of being, and very content.  Such a new experience, one I thought was not possible I pray that this stays with me. It is this incredible place that I would so love to share as I feel this is how it is meant to be for us all.

I encourage you to take 22 minutes out and immerse yourself in our film, so you can feel nourished, to surrender and be open, and to let go of all set ideas, There is nothing you have to work out, just go with the feeling. My wish is for you to take the journey, you have nothing to lose, but perhaps something to gain.