Our Mission

To share an inspiring film that is a prayer of intention and a way to collectively connect to a consciousness that will assist in a planetary shift to a more sustainable future.

Our Vision

To share the hope and confidence that comes from the activation in whale consciousness. They resonate with the timeless laws of the universe. These guardians have always been here, they are our past and are already our future. When we participate with cetaceans or in ceremony or with indigenous cultures we connect to that ancient and everlasting wisdom. In this the path through the shadow may be found.

Humanity is now at a vital cusp of evolution, there is opportunity to align to universal law, to reach beyond our limited earth bound identity and to awaken a sustainable consciousness. This arising consciousness is precipitated through gratitude, ceremony and song.

Our Team

Merrilee Leonard

Merrilee Leonard

Producer / Director / Writer

Doug Elliot

Doug Elliot

Executive Producer

Kathryn Riding

Kathryn Riding


Greg Moore

Greg Moore


Nathalie Verdejo

Nathalie Verdejo


Adrian Williams-Brett

Adrian Williams-Brett

Writer / Poet/ Narrator

Mela MacQuarrie

Mela MacQuarrie

Executive Producer

Jack Packshaw

Jack Packshaw

Producer / Director / Writer

Nyck Jeanes

Nyck Jeanes

Song / Music

From The Team

Greg Moore: Co -Writer – Producer – Director

Even after writing and making this film the connection to the whales still feels surreal; I question myself, am I simply indulging in hopeful mysticism? While not so harmful in itself, I am serious about the importance of a sustainable planet and yet I remain curiously detached. This mixture of emotions I have become familiar with. I have learnt to sit with them each day, and each day it takes a while to grasp that I am again feeling the presence of cetacean consciousness. And each time it is as if it has never occurred before. Over time I have come to know that this “real- life fantasy” feeling, is typical of whale exchange. It has a particular texture, an ever-so gentleness of shared presence and I am encouraged to continue.

In this exchange, a story from the point of view of Whale emerged, inviting us through time to the birth of the universe linking the whales, ancient civilizations, our star brothers and sisters, with indigenous tribes to the consciousness of the planet itself; Gaia.

I started this journey essentially as a storyteller, what has emerged is a curious mix of myth, story, cosmology and spirituality, woven into a fundamental call for collective change. It have felt embraced, nurtured and seconded to the purpose of this very unique relationship.

Merrilee Leonard: Co-Writer – Producer – Director

The most amazing thing for me with the whales was my experience, at a deep level of “the other” being with something from another dimension, awe inspiring and humbling. To be around such a huge and powerful being was a privilege.

At one time, we had microphones in the water, there might have been hundreds in the bay and the immense power of their song gave me goose-bumps. I could feel them putting their energy into the song lines as their sound travelled around the globe from one tribe to another.  I felt like they were in service, holding the balance between earth and the universe.

With them, I had the courage to go deep inside myself to find my authentic being, and having the courage to face my shadow, which allowed me to come into who I truly was.
I am in gratitude and awe for the privilege of being with them, to work on this film and to be on this life altering journey.

Adrian Brett-Williams: Co-Writer- Author- Poetic Form

Writing this poem was a fascinating experience, a dive into the unknown. What emerged was a combination of the brief that I was given, my own interpretation of meaning in relation to that brief and an imagination of what Whale might say to humanity if we could hear her voice.


The brief indicated that the whales are holders of a universal consciousness and that they have a role in guiding humanity; this was the first that I had heard of that. Initially the sense of responsibility for trying to interpret the voice of the guides of humanity was overwhelming and I had to wrestle with my feelings around this. Ultimately I decided that if indeed whales are the holders of universal consciousness and they are guides to humanity or co-creators, then the reality of that will come through my hand when I am writing, given that I too am a human-being needing guidance. In the end I couldn’t work it all out; I just had to trust what came through in the moment of writing. I did not sit and rack my brains, on how to say something, I just wrote. There were times when I struggled with some of the evolutionary theory that I was presented with. I had to put it into my own language, to write from my own voice. I had to trust and I make no claim that anything I have written is truly the voice of the Whale. Hopefully it is not in conflict with their intentions and maybe it will stir someone’s heart in a nourishing way.

Probably the most challenging part of the process was receiving feedback from the team and having to edit what had been written.

Because poetry is a marriage of content, meaning and form, if you change one thing, everything changes and the relationship of every part to every other part changes. It strikes me now that this is a kind of ecology. We have made big mistakes in what we have done to the earth and the oceans and now have to deal with the consequences of relationships we have created with the elements and with ourselves. I think maybe the whales were testing me in challenging me so directly with the feelings associated with this in the process of writing.

By the time I swam with whales, the poem was already written, so it felt more like a reward or an acknowledgment, a completion. Whales are very, very beautiful.  I was struck by their presence, curiosity, intelligence, movement, scale and by their community. I had a whole lot of feelings of releasing and letting go and connected deeply with a quiet inner space. I became very awake and attuned to the present moment. I loved the turtles also. The main feeling of being with the whales, the turtles, the people and the ocean was one of delight, absolute delight.

I will always be grateful for the whole experience I had of writing this poem.

Nathalie Verdejo: Illustrator

My relationship with whales started with a dream 25 years ago. The whales were swimming under my house. It was one of those dreams that sticks and stays with you for days and weeks. Not long after, I came across the book of Patrick Van Eersel, ‘the 5th dream’- dolphin, man, evolution.  I remember being enchanted reading the chapter about musicians playing jazz with the whales on a boat in California, about interspecies communication and about babies being born in water with dolphins. And toward the end of the book an Amerindian legend offering a poetic take on our evolution as a human species. We are an unfinished dream that hasn’t yet found its rightful place in the world. We are a dream looking for its own fulfilment, we are the 5th dream! The dream of the whales.

I fulfilled my dream of singing with whales, when I went sailing in 2012 around Fraser Island. It was simply magical to be in the company and held by those peaceful giants. I sang a lot, I swam a lot. The highlight of my trip, was a high 5 with the tail of a whale when sitting on a dingy.

Kathryn Riding: Narrator: The Voice of mother Earth

“It was an honour to be invited to be the voice of mother earth… as we are all her children… and we love to celebrate her magnificence… and bring attention to her vulnerabilities…and to remember that we are one…”

Jack Packshaw: Editor and Cool Rapper

A Tale from the Whale is a unique film created for the purpose of activating a higher consciousness level in the audience. It is a life-changing visual and auditory experience portrayed through a blend of storytelling and cosmic wisdom, spoken and channelled from the perspective of a whale and mother earth. It’s flowing poetic verses take the audience on a journey whilst captivating them with beautiful visual imagery depicting an abstract story that relates to the poem itself. The calm, aesthetically pleasing and simple transition of knowledge is easy to apply to one’s self and the film leaves the audience questioning reality and their place within in. The message is meaningful and will stay in the minds of the viewers as it is memorable and powerful enough to not fall into the background of one’s mind.

Working as the editor and creative consultant on Tale of the whale was an honour and a privilege as I saw the inner workings of an amazing artwork and was lucky enough to experience the process of something that will potentially change many people’s views on life and perceptions of the world around them. Everyone involved in the project was a part of it for the same purpose and each brought their own special vibe and skills to the project.

Overall, A Tale from the Whale is a one-of-a-kind film that will take any viewer on a journey and successfully implant vital knowledge that once known cannot be unknown.

The Script: A Tale From The Whale

Creation Story

Once upon a time there was a beginning. This beginning was one of wondrous light and dark, playing across the universe. From this play, sound was heard and from sound came the first idea. The universe had the idea to create, and from the idea of creation came the form. Light shone upon the form and in the centre of the galaxy, consciousness was born. This was the consciousness of lore, of spirit that holds all things together, woven to create life abundant. From this life abundant came the first guardians, the ancients and the cetaceans, the holders of code and the original template.

At an endless time ago a cosmic battle between light and dark broke across the universe centred around the destiny of earth. In response, the ancients and guardians descended into Oceania and joined with many life forms and so our knowledge of ourselves began.

They came in many forms, some were star people and remembered their origins and brought the seed of greater purpose. Some were cetaceans and dove deep into the waters and brought the seed of wisdom. The whales held the power to activate the humans along the line of the divine plan and so bring forth the greatest universal initiation, the sacred connecting of all.

Commentary from Whale

I see you, human soul,
As I have always seen you.
Do you remember
When we were one formless force,
Swirling in space?
Dancing the dance of the star-beings
In infinite wisdom and grace?

Do you remember when oneness
Split into two?
Light dark
Life death
Truth lies
Male female?
Do you remember how light and dark,
Life and death,
Truth and lies,
Male and female
Longed to find their way back
To the feeling of one?

Yet in the meeting of light and dark
Colour was born.
In the meeting of life and death
Love was born.
In the meeting of truth and lies
Freedom was born.
In the meeting of male and female
You were born,
I was born.

I am whale.

We live in liquid,
Close to the swirling chaos
Of the beginning.
Our light forms the flow,
Our sound holds the balance.
Our song connects us all.

We have heard your tales
Of how creation happened.
Some say a bang.
Or that a God begat us.

That there was only chaos
In a void.
All that was light lifted,
Became Heaven,
All that was heavy fell,
Became the earth.
One dewdrop descended,
And one rose from below-
Their collision caused creation.

Some say it was the Word,
And others say they simply do not know.
Many cease to wonder.
In their addiction to the known
They bear the pain of separation
From the nameless source
And live in fear of death.

In earlier times,
Before the attempts to destroy
The wisdom of the indigenous,
The true knowledge of nature
Held within the heart,
Before the age of deceit,
The addiction to power,
The fear of the female,

When you were innocent,
The Heavens seemed so much closer.

In the whisper of the breeze
The voice of spirit was heard.
In the play of light and shadow
The mysteries were seen.
The beating drum,
Lifted your bodies.
Your dance was the heartbeat of the world.
The earth was a garden.
Spirits were everywhere,
All was interconnection,
A radiant web of creation,
Woven from threads of light.

But then you began to fall.
You had to.
You wanted to know
How everything fitted together,
So you began to pull it apart,
To weigh, to measure, to count and collect.
To do this you decided to kill.

Your obsession with control,
Your desire for comfort, your wanting,
Your belief in your persona,
The compulsion of your fears,
Caused you to fight and to steal,
To kill and to rape,
To treat yourselves and the earth,
Your brothers and sisters,
The plants and the beasts
And sometimes even your children
As mere commodities.

This descent, this forgetting
Has cut you up
And deafened your ears to the whispers of truth,
From beings that live in Love.

I am one of those beings.
And I’m speaking to you
Because I heard your cry.

What are we to do?

Your question resounds through all worlds.
It is heard by the trees and the stars,
By the rain and the wind and the fire.
It is heard by our Mother, the Earth,
Whose weeping soul heaves,
As she holds us to her heart.

She has a wound.
She has a fever.
She sweats.
She shakes.

‘What are we to do?’

Her answers are revealed
In the bend of every river,
In the vein of every leaf.
In the murmur of the silence,
In the shapes between the hills.

In the dancing of the dust
As it lifts towards the light,
She speaks:

Oh Child of mine
Know thyself.
You are part of me
And I am part of you.

The little things you do,
The smiles you give each other,
The way you help when someone has a need,
The light within your eyes when you open to a stranger,
Your chuckle when you realize you were wrong,
The intelligence you show in your design,
The beauty of the art that you create,
All of this I deeply love in you.
But the time has come for you to face your shadow
And recognize your true identity.

Oh child of mine,
Know thyself!
You are more than just a personality,
More than just your DNA
The future flows towards you.
If you learn to live within its flow
You will find the strength
To initiate the changes that must be.

So clear the space that has been filled
With information fed to you,
With books you’ve read,
With expectations and beliefs
That you inherited:
Ideas of good and bad
So deeply rooted in your core,
You hardly even know that they are there.

In the empty space
You will find your true intent.
Let it stream towards the stars!

Their shining rays will guide you
As you walk through the unknown.
Their radiant love will warm you
As you open to the source
Of all that is beautiful and true.

Oh child of mine,
Know thyself!

Until you learn to see within the spirit
The wisdom and the love of which you’re made,
The cycles of your suffering will repeat
And our despair will equal our defeat.
The gates of grace are open,
And ignorance is no longer a plea.
“Thus far, no further” are the words
Resounding through the sea.

If you find a spring of silence in the chaos of your life,
Place your burning questions on the altar of your heart,
And listen to the subtle sense of knowing in your soul.
Your listening will draw the path towards you.

How deep into the silence
Dare you go?
Silence is the temple
In which your angel speaks.

Her word is a living force
That bears within itself the heart of truth.

When you hear her voice
You face a simple choice:
To trust or to deny,
She leaves you free.

Speak with love and gratitude
For what you have received
And speak aloud your heart’s intent!
Your word becomes a deed
That acts within the cosmos
As a source of strength and power,
So the seeds of your intentions
Find the light they need to flower.

I’m grateful for the love
And I’m grateful for the pain.
I’m grateful for the beauty
Of the softly falling rain.
I’m grateful for the whispers
Of my angel in my ear
And I’m grateful for the space between
My freedom and my fear.
I intend to listen,
I intend to hear,
I intend to speak,
I intend to be clear.
I intend that my intentions
Only happen if they’re right.
I intend that my intentions
Lead us to the light.

I see you human soul as you now see me
Remember we are one formless being
Swirling in space
At one in wisdom and grace


Imagine living in grace and gratitude
Knowing what you came to do
Doing the work that you came to do
Doing the work that makes a change
Being your own connection to all

Cantered in the feeling of trust and love
Speaking our intent from a consciousness that is eternal
Feeling the oneness with animals, nature, mother earth and the vast cosmos that surrounds us.
We are waking, rising from our shadow
Dreaming in the resurrection of spirit,
Sustained in the circle of forgiveness.
A blessing in the experience of one.