Welcome to our blog page and the transformative journey with whales,

I will start by sharing my personal journey that this project took me on. I have been fortunate in life to have had many adventures in the purpose of searching for some form of truth that I could trust and to find myself.

Doing this film was a journey like no other that I had ever experienced. Sometimes I wondered when we were doing a film or was this really just an inner growth and some form of initiation that was necessary for me to undertake.

I am extremely grateful for this as the rewards on an inner level gave me more than what I could have dreamt off. The benefits were obvious, there was more ease and grace in what we were doing. Communication between us all became clear and strong. This enabled us to work as a strong team and to see each unique gift that we had.

The whales encouraged me to let all preconceived ideas go, I gained an inner strength and courage, to speak out, to explore the unknown and most of all to trust myself. There was a lot of deep soul journeying and discomfort as beliefs were shattered as new information came forth.

The Shadow

Shadow - A Tale From The WhaleWhen it was time to find and confront my shadow it took courage to face it full on.
it is deeper than what might be obvious, we know our weak points in our personality, so
It comes as a shock, as the shadow is not what you think, It is buried in the unseen and the unknown.

The people around us who love and know us can see us more clearly than we can see ourselves and if you trust them, then they can be a help in pointing out what you cannot see.

To my surprise, one thing became regarding my shadow. Was the glamour. I had been brought up in a privileged home life, private schools and protected from the real world around me. I loved the finer things of life and took them for granted.

My childhood was not a happy one, so the glamour of the outside world had great attraction. I thought this was where success and happiness lay. In the world I inhabited, who you know is more important than what you know. I guess this has been a part of me, to be in the right crowd with the right people defines who you are. There is a lot of glamour in that. That was until I was in my 30’s when it became apparent that this was just an empty, soulless place.

However, I can still see in myself an attraction to people who are known and have some kind of power.

Even today I can catch myself.

It was pointed out when someone asked me about my hairdresser; my reply was; She is brilliant, she is English trained by Tony and Child in London and became a teacher to others. I was making her glamorous and special, and that made me feel special.

Our shadow will always be with us, but when we are aware and fully embraced it, there is nowhere hide, you see it, but you don’t give it power. In fact, I welcome it and love it, it makes me laugh at myself, and I feel free to be me. It offered so much insight. It had become my friend, and I was filled with gratitude for the great understanding and the wisdom it gave me.

We would love you to watch the film and hear your thoughts and comments so please feel free to share.