A Tale from the Whale

a visually unique poetic experience

‘A Tale from the Whale’ presents a cinematic poetic experience spoken from the wisdom of Whale and Mother Earth. The whale’s timeless presence invites you into a journey of beauty and transformation. The film is visually enthralling and illuminating, acting as a spiritually enlightening catalyst and compelling you to think long after its end, touching and nourishing your soul, triggering a celebration of Mother Nature and oneness.

‘A Tale from the Whale’ captures the beauty of life unfolding within the strength of nature. The whales and dolphins speak from ancient wisdom and call for us to find a true path, one that contributes to restoring the balance on earth. This gift from the whale is a personal activation that enables us to trust our unique talents. In whale consciousness, you will find a purpose unfolding that is magically suited to you.





The Activation Bundle


Watch the mythical creation story narrated by Whale.


Listen Now! Performed by Piper Rose from the soundtrack.


Journey With The Whales – a gentle expansion of consciousness.

Activate your journey with the full

A Tale From The Whale experience.


Introductory Offer

Purchase the entire bundle $10

  • The Film – a mythical poetic experience told from the voice of the Whale. (23 minutes)
  • The Visual Meditation – a vista of relaxing beauty and meditation in Whale Consciousness. (15 minutes)
  • The Song – an original song from the soundtrack performed by Piper Rose.

The Song

The song “A Tale from the Whale” from the soundtrack invokes the mystery of the whales through the planetary song lines.  Written by Greg Moore and Nyck Jeanes and performed by Piper Rose.

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Writing a Tale from the Whale: The Song

Writing a Tale from the Whale: The Song

The song captures the story of ancient wisdom, coming from the consciousness of the whale as it speaks about Gaia and the journey of Evolution. There is a mystery and magic when you connect to the cetaceans, you immediately feel the presence of a being...

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Nourished by the Presence of Whale

Nourished by the Presence of Whale

Finding yourself in a chaotic world Doing this film was life changing for me. Our process was one of going deep inside ourselves, which was not always very comfortable. To find your true identity, authentic self, to really know and understand who and what we are is...

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A Tale from the Whale: My Journey

A Tale from the Whale: My Journey

Welcome to our blog page and the transformative journey with whales, I will start by sharing my personal journey that this project took me on. I have been fortunate in life to have had many adventures in the purpose of searching for some form of truth that I could...

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